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Hauntings at the Rectory

Author: Ursula Bielski

Ursula Bielski
About Sedamsville Rectory last night: About 11pm, someone was shot just behind the building, while a bunch of our investigators were on the porch. Meaning: they all heard someone yell, 'No no! Don't shoot!" and then heard two gunshots. We locked the doors and then, a little later, heard screaming from out back that went on for quite awhile. Not long aftre that, we heard someone trying to get in the back door, and David Wismer found someone running away down the hill when he opened it. Throughout the night, several investigators heard growls and screams coming from upstairs and the basement, doors opened by themselves, Dave heard someone coming down the staircase--who wasn't there--and one investigator found a long deep scratch on his arm--bad enough to cause a welt--after feeling his arm burning up during Edward Shanahan's Circle of Energy. I spent a good couple of hours when I got home this morning searching the police blotters for the neighborhood of Sedamsville in Cincinnati, but no shootings were reported last night. No cops knocked on the door to talk to us, and we neither saw nor heard any sirens, saw any emergency vehicles, nothing. it's like nothing happened, thought it was a series of incredibly distressing events witnessed by many bystanders.

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