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The Hensley House

The Daniel Hensley House
Midwest Preservation Society acquired another historic location we're working hard to renovate. This one has been a bit more problematic than the Sedamsville Rectory, because they Rectory still had it's copper intact.

The Daniel Hensley House will be even more beautiful when we finish restoring it to it's late 1800's glory. The house was built in the late 1800's and was in decent shape when we took it over. This property was purchased outright.

Daniel and Eliza Hensley had the home built and lived here with their children. We do know that Mrs Hensley and two of the children died in the home. Their have been some bizarre experiences in the house but nothing like the Rectory. Daniel Hensley was the first postmaster in Hamilton, ohio.  The Hensley House will not be available for paranormal investigations. We will post more photos on the site when we get more.