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I Love Sceptics


Edward Shanahan
I love Skeptics and last night was an example of why. A major Thank You to Sedamsville Rectory for allowing us to host a paranormal night there. As I have said, at least until last night it is one of the darkest locations I have been to and ahead of Villisca Ax Murder House by leaps and bounds. We may of changed that with our discovery and for the sake of Terrie Scott.

There was a very unique photo captured during my Circle of Energy that if what we seen on the camera screen is equal to the photo I am waiting on.. will be the best image of paranormal activity at any location. 

Special Thank You to Stacie Haas for assisting as an additional Feeler and picking up on what is there. David Wismer as he is great and impresses me every time. Frank Heiberger and his members from Midnight Paranormal Society a great all around team and I believe nothing went unrecorded. Also a special Thank You to Betty Erickson and her family. Who unknown to even herself, provide support in many ways. Also the other individuals who attended this special night of experiences.  - Ed Shanahan