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Here is an account of our experiences during our recent weekend visit at the Sedamsville Rectory:


Friday night was relatively calm. We, on SEVERAL occasions over the weekend would hit a few higher pitched keys on the keyboard and they would, a few minutes later, "replay" in another room or even another floor. This was heard by us alot. We would also see on MANY occasions a very short shadow figure! We also captured a female EVP saying "Hello" twice, which we also heard outloud. We stopped our session believing it was you and Tim returning. We checked and no one was there, no one outside. We also got a bit of this on camera, but we replayed your youtube video of the piano playing, since we could not play. We got the same kind of hits on our K2 as well! In the basement, me and Berkiy heard someone in the cage part of the basement. We called it over to us in the sink room. We managed to get it to come over and make some noises in front of us! We also captured several pictures in the attic, with a verified flash, in which the flash had to go "around" a shadow. Also we captured a bright, solid orb in the attic and took several pics in a row and followed it!

Saturday was another story! I would say the same activity as our last visit, only in a non-threatening way...almost inviting. On several occasions we would place a person at every doorway in the hall on the second floor. We attempted to make a huge amount of banging on the walls to "wake" things up. On every attempt, we heard an evil growl coming from the room with the bed frame only. We also had a smell of potpourri in the basement! We found 2 dryer sheets (way old!) and an air freshner...again...way old and no smell! I was personally "chased" up to the attic while walking up there to meet my team. It chased me halfway up the servants stairs and when i reached the attic I had a team member shine the light behind me cause I swore it was right there!

Now the fun stuff...While we were all in the piano room, trying the high notes thing again...I leaned my head out to hear up the stairs. Thats when I saw 2 red eyes to the left of the window coming out of the room on the second floor with the bed! I mentioned this to my team and Diana asked me if they were vertical eyes. I said that they were, but did not mention this to them as I found it strange and did not wanna influence what they see. We then heard a huge amount of noises coming from up there. We decided to sit on the stairs an eventually move up them. Every person in the group had seen these eyes throughout the next hour and a half of us sitting on the stairs! It was as if it was wanting us to come up there. 

Another interesting thing happened on both nights. Most of the team slept in the piano room and the room where the safe is. Myself and my team member Beriky took the room above there with the huge bed. The group on both nights said they wondered if we woke up and was walking around opening doors. Of course we did not. On another occasion, a team member came upstairs to verify and we were out! On reflection we wondered if, since there was the molestation there, if we were unknowingly triggering a response since I am the oldest male member and Beriky was the youngest male member of the team "sleeping" together? We did not hear these footsteps at all during the night, and they were in our room! The area around the servant stairs is extremely creepy to the whole team!

We are in love with the Rectory and the two wonderful hosts Terrie Scott and Tim Brazeal, and cant wait to learn more about it. Every time we come there it is a different experience, but this time we felt welcomed for some reason. 

Evidence posting throughout the the next week at