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We went through most of the night with little activity. A few bumps and sounds, not too much out of the ordinary. Then, around 2am, myself and 3 other investigators were in the basement, the rest were on the second floor, and we started getting some hits on the K2 meter. We asked if it was a man, woman, or response hits. Jokingly we asked if it was a dog...then we got the hit. Surprised about this we continued to ask questions and getting hits from this dog spirit. We remembered there were balls in the attic, so 2 of us went up to the attic to retrieve them, because the spirit responded to that idea. Because of our disbelief about a dog, we gathered the rest of the team to meet in the basement. We then "played ball" with the spirit. This went on for about a half an hour. 

Finally, after that time passed, we heard what sounded like gunshots coming from outside the cellar door. We paused. Then more shots and a grumbling voice yelling, presumably at another person. We then shut everything off to show no lights and make no sound and moved to the other side of the basement where there were no windows, for fear of stray bullets. (little did we know, a newer investigator did not shut off the camera or digital recorder!) Next thing we hear is more shots and the sound of wood doors breaking. We were for sure someone was breaking in, but then it came from the entire floor above us...front door area and back. We panicked, as it is not really a nice neighborhood, and called 911 fearing the worst! The sounds were like objects being flipped over or thrown. When the 911 operator said the police were outside, the noises stopped and we ran up the stairs and out the back door to meet the police. NO disturbance ANYWHERE around the house! Everything was where it belonged! Thats when we realized it was paranormal. Keep in mind we had no walk-thru, so the only reported claims or history came from the website. We have scheduled another investigation immediately for August 18th, as this was the most frightening thing we had ever been through. This place is incredible with activity!