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Adam Kimmell: "Out of all the locations we've hit in the last year of filming, I'm being very serious when I say the Sedamsville Rectory was one of my favorite hauntings. I had done some research on the location and at first I really didn't think it'd be anything too out of the normal, although within the first hour of filming that night I was quickly corrected. Some of our best evidence we've captured to date was from here.

The three of us had alot of personal experiences, and my interesting experiences actually didn't happen until we were doing shooting. The Sedamsville Rectory was the first location we actually spent the night inside. Usually we'll spend the night in a hotel nearby, but in this case we decided to opt out of that and spend the night. We finished filming around 4am, and all of us picked our own rooms to sleep in. I decided to sleep in the room that is on the second floor at the top of the steps to the left. Not even an hour into sleeping, I was woke up by this cold chill, and as my eyes started to adjust to the room, I was looking up to what looked like a dark shadow figure looking over me. I remember shaking my head a little to wake up and as I sat up I could see in the corner of the room this shadow about 5 and a half feet fly towards the closet extremely quick. I sat there for a moment and I was about to write it off as me seeing things... but then I remembered... I was sleeping inside the Sedamsville Rectory.

Also, a special thanks to Tim our historian and tour guide while we visited the Sedamsville Rectory. His professionalism and "let's get to the point" approach made filming one of the easiest to date. In all complete honesty, and the three of us agree, if we could have Tim be the personal tour guide at every location, we'd get post production done in half the time."

Jim Leopardo:From the time we pulled into the parking lot i had a good feeling about how the night would turn out. its such a beautiful building. things started happening as soon as we got upstairs in a bedroom when a board on a small crawlspace came undone and slammed onto the floor. we heard many voices with our own ears and caught many more on our recorders. Daniel was scratched in the basement and i was later threatened many times over the spirit box as i did my individual quarantine in the same room. the action didnt stop as i went to sleep in one of the bedrooms, about 10 minutes after i got in bed i heard 34 distinct boot steps coming towards my room, i kept looking to see if anything appeared and then felt something literally lay down on the bed beside me. when i woke in the morning i looked as i was going down the hallway and they are carpeted not hardwood so that was a great experience. It was definitely one of my top 3 places that we went to last year and I'd highly recommend it to anyone".

Daniel Hooven: "The Sedamsville Rectory was one of my favorite locations to shoot at in the country. The paranormal activity was obvious from the beginning and the night escalated with a physical confrontation, as well as the usual paranormal activity. Out of all the places we have filmed at, I feel the management at Sedamsville was top notch and extremely accomadating to us. The tour was great and Tim was a really well spoken and interesting historian. I highly recommend the Sedamsville Rectory to all paranormal enthusiasts".