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Edward Shanahan:

I went to the location knowing it had a dark side. Tim gave the historical tour of the location at the start of our paranormal night at the location. Tim confirmed it has a dark side, but much darker then what I or those with me knew.

Sedamsville Rectory stands alone by it self for being the location with the most paranormal activity that I have come across and I have been to locations like Villisca, Ashmore, Willow Creek Farm, none compare to being dark and what we experienced.

There is an EVP video that is from a 12 minute session where the individual put their recorder in the bedroom with the large bed. It picked up the intense screaming of a child and also what sounds like a dog whimpering. The child scream came about shortly after I versioned a child being beaten with a belt.

Also I decided to do what is called a 'Trigger' and as usual in attempt to get a response by the Spirits, I took it to a level some would consider gutsy and maybe extreme, but it was by what I was receiving as a vision of what went down.

Stacie who is also a Spirit Feeler and assists me at locations, she has a young look even though she is an adult. I had her lay across the bed on her back and raise her arms above her head in a submissive position, I was receiving visions of Father Bill, who I picked up on that he was a simple minded individual who the others took advantage and had him do what they demanded.

So as I versioned, I got on my knees at the side of the bed that Stacie's hands reached too, and held down her arms by way of holding her wrists. All of a sudden I felt like Father Bill was trying to take me over. I challenged him to try and then something happened that never has, I started losing control.

The first thing I did was leave go of Stacie's wrists so she could get off the bed. Then I started to shake from the inside out and was being forced face down on the bed, by something at the moment was stronger then me.

The shaking became un-controllable for a short while along with being forced down on the bed. Yes I did panic for a moment as did Stacie and her mother Toni who were viewing this. Then I started to think (secret here), of my Higher Power (God), protecting me and will do so from evil. Things started to calm down with me, like the spirit was backing off and I was able to finally recover.

Later in the morning, it came time to do my Circle of Energy Seance, not a seance where I set at the end of the table saying this or that Spirit is here. No what I do is attempt to raise the Spirits so they interact with those who are present and the individuals become the Medium, as they are there to experience the spirits, not me telling them what is going on as many others attempt to do.

What happened is it was like we were not allowed to complete the seance. As the temperature gauges were reading 54 degrees and yet it felt like the dead of winter inside. We all were actually shaking like standing out in sub-zero temps.

In 2012 I plan on returning in hopefully July when there will be no questions about it being cold outside. As I have to enter the location action and do what I do, but this time with the knowledge and experiences I now have of the location that allows others to experience something that no other location has provided to such extremes, Spirits I call 'Spirits of Hell'.

Edward Shanahan