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May 27, 2012 - The Ghost Writers and HAUNT Paranormal recorded this EVP CLASS "A" EVP of ghost dogs screaming from inside The Rectory in Sedamsville, Ohio. The Rectory is the site of the bust of the largest dog fighting operation in the U.S. (source: Midwest Preservation Society). Illustrating the EVP are photographs of The Rectory, a photogenic haunted location. Audio clip and photographs taken by author/photographer Pat Bussard.

During the time the audio was recorded there were only three investigators at The Rectory. Adrienne Harless, HAUNT Paranormal and Bussard, The Ghost Writers, were standing at the landing at the top of the stairs where the audio clip of the EVP was recorded. Jennifer Woodward was nearby in the "creepy room." They all heard the crying and screaming of dogs emanating from within the building. The next morning, in order to help determine if the sounds of the dogs screaming did occur within the structure, one of the investigators went to several different locations around the outside of The Rectory and screamed loudly. The sound of her screams were all extremely muffled, not at all like the whining and the screaming of the disembodied dogs, which were as crisp and clear as if they were standing nearby. The Rectory was built extremely well during the Victorian Era of brick and mortar and is very efficient at keeping extraneous noise out.

A great shot of an apparition. Look at the screen and focus on it. You will see it. Please note, this is a screen that is tight. It is not a window and only one person was in the attic at the time. It was a static video.
Ghost dog video captured by Jennifer Woodward, HAUNT Paranormal on a joint investigation with The Ghost Writers.