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Film and Television Shooting Location:

The 120 year old Sedamsville Rectory has been made available for Television, Motion Picture, Independent film makers as well as Reality Paranormal Television shows as a shooting location. Its limits are endless. We will not allow anything that involves pornography (Don't ask).

If you have been searching for the ultimate shooting location for your next thriller, historic documentary or horror film. We would like to introdcue you to the "Sedamsville Rectory". With over 6000 square feet of space and four floors makes it a perfect location to shoot your next movie or independent film. The Rectory has a full creepy basement. The first floor was has a form dinning room, library, living room, parlor and kitchen. 

The second floor has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and was used to house the priest, assistant(s) to the priest and servants quarters.  The attic was used as a school for the Sedamsville area until the school was built in 1907.

The place has a very dark history and is an actual  haunted location. We do require everyone on the team sign a "Hold Harmless" waivers before anyone enters the building. 


Please contact us for pricing. 


Cincinnati, Ohio. Just minutes from downtown. 

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